Samuel Mercer

R&D Contract & Commercialization Advisor


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Inter-company Agreements in Clinical Trials, Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, IP Licensing, Managing Clinical Research Outsourcing


Business Development, Drug Manufacturing, Licensing and M&A, Regulatory

"Negotiating agreements for others is the art of first understanding, and then synthesizing and translating, the multiple interests of all parties"

Samuel Mercer
R&D Contract & Commercialization Advisor

Samuel has  20+ years of experience in biopharma and technology R&D commercialisation and transactions, focused on negotiating external agreements in the areas of clinical trial outsourcing, business development, IP, and licensing, across roles in CROs, big pharma and emerging biopharma in Switzerland, UK, US, and Canada. 

He specializes in complex inter-company agreements in clinical trials, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and IP licensing. Key to agreements that stand the test of time is combining detailed experience negotiating alongside inside and outside legal counsel, as well as practical implementation and management from the business perspective.

In addition to regularly managing clinical research outsourcing for biopharma clients, Samuel has helped startup companies and served on company and nonprofit advisory boards and boards of directors in a wide variety of industries (software, agriculture, medical device) helping with company launch, business development, and commercial advice; and as a regular mentor and executive-in-residence at the VIATEC Venture Acceleration Program; University of Victoria Innovation Centre; California Life Sciences Institute FAST program; and Life Sciences British Columbia's investor readiness programme. He also co-founded in 2016 and chairs the Vancouver Island Life Sciences association, a non-profit Victoria organisation run by volunteers for the benefit of the life sciences community.

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