Tailored teams for unique product and business challenges

Novateur is comprised of a diverse advisory network of seasoned leaders who have held integral roles in the development of products within global organizations and have extensive experience across all phases of company and product life cycles. Our top-level drug and device development experts are hand-picked to complement your resources and provide flexible and specific capacity within the area and timeframe you need.


Identify Goals

We can work globally with any company or product phase, with any team requirements, and at any level of detail. Once the Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) is signed, we will work with you to identify your goals and provide agnostic, tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Configure Team

We configure and assemble a team of leading experts with the right set of skills to match your goals and ensure success. The team creates the most viable strategy, developing budgets and structuring all project plan activities. Everything comes together in a draft proposal, put forward by the team for your approval.

Execute Project

We manage your project to ensure business objectives are met and expected benefits are realized, providing a structured approach to manage critical inter-dependencies, assess and monitor risk mitigation strategies, and facilitate and document all processes and procedures. Our ultimate goal is to create value for you and your stakeholders.


When the project goals are met, your Novateur team will equip you with the right tools to advance on your own. We lead change management initiatives, prepare all required materials, and facilitate full handover of the project. We ensure you receive all of the training needed to continue moving forward with your health innovation.
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