Every drug or device development project is like climbing Mount Everest for the very first time; you need experienced mountaineers to prepare and guide you to the apex. Novateur team is ready to be your guide on your expedition.

The best blockbuster movie comes together by coupling the best script with the "perfect actors, directors, and production experts". Drug and device development also requires the perfect team with the relevant and recent experience & success. Novateur casts the right team for your vision.

In the world of global drug or device development, "only the best teams" can ensure success. Novateur assembles the best global teams to ensure you reach your goals.

Every drug or device development project is like climbing Mount ...
The best blockbuster movie comes together by coupling the best ...
In the world of global drug or device development, "only ...


Novateur Ventures is a leading global life sciences advisory and investment firm with over 200 advisors servicing biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies in areas such as business and product development, due diligence and company creation. Learn more about what we do in the video.


“Our mission is to ensure promising life science inventions get access to the best possible advice, are developed properly and reach patients worldwide."

Ali Ardakani

Founder & Managing Director

“We integrate a variety of disciplines that require an analytical, detail-oriented mind but also the big picture perspective and a feel for people."

Anne Assmus, PhD

Head of Global Business Development, Oncology & Immuno-Oncology

"We support strategic decision-making across the biopharmaceutical development pathway, from pipeline optimization to launch strategy and strategic partnering." 

Sarah Chapman

Corporate Development & Strategy Lead

"We develop a narrative and design a business development plan that faithfully translates technical Research & Development into differentiated benefits for patients, investors and society."

David Kennard, MBA, PhD, MRPHARMS

Senior Advisor, Business Development Therapeutics

“Only through valuing, nurturing and developing relationships while sharing knowledge and expertise can business thrive; always beginning with the patient in mind.”

Yvonne Joseph, RN

Senior Lead, Business Development, Scouting & Partnerships

"Crafting the ideal story customized for your audience is a crucial component of the business development journey; never overlook the value of the first pitch."

Julia Pomoransky, PhD

Senior Advisor, Business Development, Platform and Therapeutics

"In life sciences, every moment is opportunity. Start early with your innovations and strategies; the time to pitch and fundraise is always now."

Milica Vukmirovic, PhD

Innovation, Strategy & Business Development Advisor

"We know that a fresh perspective can oftentimes find elegant solutions to a complex or challenging problem."

Houman David Hemmati, MD, PhD

Head Ophthalmology Development

“Our practical IP advice helps you secure your innovations and attract investors and corporate partners.”

Thomas Digby, Attorney

Global IP Lead

“We source the facts and deal with the "hard-core" science, leaving sensationalized hype behind.”

Colin Funk, PhD

Scientific Lead

"Enabling and facilitating access to novel, innovative therapies and innovations is a passion of mine that allows me to work efficiently in a collaborative team environment and offer significant value to innovators."

Brent Korte

Health Economics & Reimbursement Lead Canada


Our experts are publishing articles and supporting companies that are working with health solutions to help solve the global pandemic.


Our clinical translation and business development experts are fine-tuned to specific programs and needs, ensuring your success.

what our clients say

Every interaction with our clients needs to create value for them and potential future patients.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical

Daewoong Pharmaceutical retained Novateur's product development and business development team to support development of two of their immunology assets. The Novateur team ...

Jeon Sengho, CEO, Daewoong Pharmaceutical

Innovative Targeting Solutions

Innovative Targeting Solutions retained the Novateur development and commercial team to analyze and vet several of their products candidates in ...

Michael L. Gallo, PhD
President, Innovative Targeting Solutions

Beyond Air

Beyond’s Air engagement with Novateur Ventures began in 2015 (when Beyond Air was known as AIT Therapeutics). Novateur was engaged ...

Amir Avniel
Co-Founder, COO & President, Beyond Air

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