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Innovative Targeting Solutions




Product Evaluation, KOL Advisory, Regulatory Strategy, Target Product Profile, Market Assessment, Development Plan, Investor Pitch, Business Plan & Corporate Prospectus




To apply comprehensive market- and product analysis methods to vet viability of product candidates in target areas.

“Novateur engaged the appropriate thought leaders to help us understand the market and its challenges. They also helped us navigate a path through development that would support the positioning of our asset and allow us to capture value. Novateur was invaluable to our decision-making process and, more than anything, Novateur taught us that being first-in-class is not enough — you need to have a well thought out plan to execute on.”

Michael L. Gallo, PhD
President, Innovative Targeting Solutions


Platforms often have infinite possibilities. How do you choose the best possible indication or products?

Innovative Targeting Solutions retained the Novateur development and commercial team to analyze and vet several of their products candidates in a number of target areas. This included analysis of current and future market, competition, necessary competitive edge, development of a Target Product Profile (TPP), high-level outline of clinical development path for the drug candidate to registration and key steps from current stage of candidate to IND and to clinical PoC [Gantt including, projected timelines and budget].


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